The market

With its international flavour, stylish design and innovative layout, the Augustusmarkt adds a Christmassy atmosphere to the Hauptstraße promenade. Since its debute in 2012, the new Christmas market has fascinated its visitors thanks to international merchants, who present their culinary specialities and traditional handicrafts. But it’s not just quality and variety which distinguish the Augustusmarkt; surrounded by white pagodas, the festive shopping strip takes its visitors on an unique journey into the Christmas experiences and customs of all countries and regions around the world.

The illuminated branches of the Blue Tree can be seen twinkling from afar between the tents. Decked out in a cool blue with icicles, it is the center of the Augustusmarkt, transporting visitors to the land of Santa Claus even in above-zero temperatures. But the Christmas market intersperses these dazzling modern elements with a distinct spirit of the time. The white-golden illuminated pagodas at the feet of the Golden Rider – the statue of Augustus the Strong – are reminiscent of the Zeithainer Lustlager from 1730, where the Elector of Saxony Augustus the Strong himself paid his respect to the European royal courts. Also the Augustusmarkt, who was named after him, gives its visitors from Saxony, Europe an all over the world a very warm welcome with its contemporarily traditional setup which is definitely worth a look!

Opening hours


Located on the Hauptstraße between the Golden Rider statue and Jorge Gomondai Square